Healthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating week runs from Monday 12th June to Friday 16th June. We will be celebrating this event in school by talking about healthy eating and staying active throughout the week. 

Red Nose Day

In total we raised £212.93! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Battle of the Brains Event

Battle of the Brains took place on Thursday 16th March 2017 at Grace Academy, Darlaston. Six schools took part. Firstly children had to work as a team to make a picture with the theme of success using materials won in a relay race. The teams were then split into their individual subject areas which included Literacy, Maths, Science, Computing, History and Performing Arts. Finally the teams came back together for a buzzer round on general knowledge. All the children had a great time and results were very close, with only 10 points between first and sixth place. We finished 5th!

Year 1 visit to Weston Park

The Year One children enjoyed their visit to Weston Park. They enjoyed exploring homes from the past, dressing up in old fashioned clothes and playing games from the past. They even got to make their own cup and ball game to take home and share with their family. 

Police Visit

The children enjoyed the visit from the Police force. They explored inside a police van, heard the siren and met a police sniffer dog. The children in Reception will continue to learn about people who help us in our community over the next couple of weeks.

Current School Projects

The whole school is taking part in a variety of A*STARS challenges throughout the school year. Year 5 will soon take part in the speed awareness challenge and Year 3 are taking part in TOGO NOGO.


Sport News

Barcroft are through to the Walsall finals of the Tag-Rugby competition after winning all 5 of their Pool 2 matches at the Willenhall Partnerships Tag-Rugby Finals which was held at Willenhall E-ACT Academy on Thursday 16Th March. A series of impressive team displays resulted in 14 tries being scored and only 4 tries conceded during the 5 matches played and a very tense final game where the teamwork skills resulted in a 1-0 victory.  

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