Battle of the Brains 2019

Battle of the Brains 2019

On Thursday 14th March, 6 pupils from Year 5 took part in the Battle of the Brains competition at Grace Academy, Darlaston. The pressure was on to retain the big, shiny trophy as we had been the winners in 2018!

Seven schools took part this year- the largest competition so far in the 5 years of its existence. 

The first activity was a team building exercise and our children worked well together to gain a few points. Then it was time for the individual rounds, so the children went off to take part in specialist subject quizzes and challenges. The children who represented the school were: Simran, Myles, Romario, Yuvraj, Shaswar and Harvey. Our pupils did incredibly well, with many of them winning their category. The final event was a beat-the-buzzer quiz, where the team tried to gain points but were a little distracted by the sweets in the centre of their table! Mrs Johl stepped in during the teacher round to win another point with her answer 'Humpty Dumpty'!

Grace Academy did an excellent job of hosting the event, keeping us entertained in between rounds and moving procedings on in a fun way. They proved themselves to be a slick team and a positive, forward-thinking school.

Butterflies were fluttering as the final scores were announced- and Barcroft were the winners for the second year running! The Year 5 team had done it! Now, Mrs Nash is ready to win a hat trick, and is already scouting the talent in the current Year 4!

Congratulations to the children who took part, and thank you to the parents and staff who came to support them.