Year Four

Welcome to Year Four.

What an amazing start we have had to the year! The children have demonstrated how resilient they can be and have truly built their ‘Growth Mindset’. This is a key focus throughout the year to empower and engage children to understand that they can succeed and to have belief in themselves and their ability.

Helping the children to achieve their goals, we have in class 9, Miss Highfield and Mrs Chambers and in class 10, we have Mrs Choudhury and Mrs Danks.

This year, we have lots of exciting and engaging topics planned for the children. We will be exploring ancient Rome in our ‘Welcome to Rome’ topic, where we will compare ancient Rome to modern day life.

Our second topic is ‘remembering’, where we will learn about how war affected our country. This year marks the 100th year since World War 1, which makes this year the perfect time for children to reflect on the key events that took place during this time.  We are privileged to have the pleasure of meeting a war veteran, who will share his experiences with the children, allowing them to reflect on the experiences of those who fought for their country. 

We will then move on to learn about Anglo-Saxon life, where children will then perform a play based on their new knowledge and make a model Anglo-Saxon village.

In the summer term, children will learn all about the wild-west, and last but not least our ‘9 3/4’ topic based on the Harry Potter series of books will finish the term.  We will have a fantastic ‘wow’ day where the children can experience the true magic of attending Hogwarts, and carry out some fantastic science experiments based on potions and spells! This is a favourite for lots of the children, and it often inspires them to read the series at home.

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to this year, and we can’t wait to have fun whilst learning in our year 4 team!


Parents, you can help!

Homework, reading books and spellings are given out on a Wednesday. Please ensure that children bring this back on the following Monday. Homework will be given out related to what the children have been learning about in lessons to consolidate learning.

Please join us where you can for parent workshops- these have been hugely popular and a lot of fun.