Year Three

Welcome to Year 3

What a fantastic start to the school year it has been! The children have had an amazing start to the year, exploring their resilience and developing their ‘Growth Mindset’ and their belief in themselves- a key focus throughout the children’s time at Barcroft

Supporting the children this year in Class 7, we have Mrs Edwards and Miss Davies and in Class 8, we have Mr Evison and Mrs Richards. Mrs Roberts will also be working with the students in Year 3.

This year, we have many exciting topics in store for the children for their creative curriculum. We will be starting the year with the topic, ‘Willenhall to Venice’. Children will use their geographical skills to identify both locations on the map using directional language. We kick off the topic with our ‘Wow Day’ – a visit to Willenhall Lock Museum. During the day, children immerse themselves into many practical activities whilst finding about how Willenhall has changed through the years using historical sources of information. Year 3 transforms into Venice to mark the end of the topic when children get to design their own Venetian masks for a ball.  Why don’t you come and join us?

Our second topic is all about ‘Remembrance’ which is highly significant this year due to the 100-year anniversary of ‘World War 1’.  We are privileged to have the pleasure of meeting a war veteran, who will share his experiences with the children, allowing them to reflect on the experiences of those who fought for their country.  During this term, the children will also focus on the short story of ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’. Children get to write a retell of the story whilst focusing on Year 3 grammar to make their writing exciting and gripping.

Year 3 take a step back in time to mark the beginning of the spring term by learning all about the Stone Age. Children study this topic throughout the whole of the Spring Term as there is so much to explore and uncover. Children get the opportunity to design their own cave paintings and stone age jewellery to bring their learning environments to life. During this topic, parents are invited to come and watch the children perform a ‘Stone Age’ play and songs.

The summer term kicks off with a topic based on the famous comedian and author, David Walliams. This topic has a literary focus and children get the chance to fall in love with Walliam’s hilarious style. They get the opportunity to write just like Walliams himself! After researching about the author, children produce their own biographies all about his life.

The year ends with a trip back in time again, but this time to Ancient Egypt. This topic explores what life was like in Ancient Egypt and children will get the opportunity to learn about the process of mummification and mummify a mummy!

There are so many exciting things happening in Year 3 this year, we can’t wait to have lots of fun whilst learning as a Year 3 family!


Parents, you can help!

Homework, reading books and spellings are given out on a Wednesday. Please ensure that children bring this back on the following Monday. Homework will be given out related to what the children have been learning about in lessons to consolidate learning.

Please join us where you can for parent workshops- these have been hugely popular and a lot of fun.